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About The Pet Industry

First and foremost, the pet industry is fun and growing! The pet care service industry in particular is especially enjoyable for pet lovers because it can be as hands on as you want it to be! It is a rewarding feeling having your four legged guests greet you with a slobbery kiss every morning on the way to daycare! 

In addition, it has been steadily growing for years. The APPA survey indicated that the pet service industry account for $10.7 billion of the $123 billion overall pet industry in 2021.

Not to mention a recent survey also indicates that 68% of American household own a pet which equates to 84.9 million homes. 


Quick Bites

$123 Billion Spent on pets In 2021

85 Million U.S. Pet Owners

$230 Billion Pet Industry by 2030

2020 Record Pet Adoptions

A resilient Industry

Recession Resistant

The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel boast double digit growth through 2008-2009. According to a 2020 Morgan Stanley study, 72% of pet owners in the United States had no plans to alter their pet spending regardless of their financial situation.

Pandemic Resistant

Pet adoptions and acquisitions skyrocketed through the pandemic which lead to increased pet industry spending in 2020-2021. The industry grew from $97.1 billion in 2019 to $123 billion in 2021 despite the global pandemic.