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Let's answer your questions about The Ark!


We know that the choice to become a franchise owner is a major, life changing decision. It is our goal as the franchisor to provide you with all of the knowledge you could possibly want about franchising. We are here to make you and your future crew successful from day one! 

We will do our very best to ensure a smooth transition from where you are now to being a franchise owner. It is no small task to open any business, and that is why we are here to guide you through everything from identifying a great book keeper, and hiring a contractor to knowing how to hire great crew members and lead them. 

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How much does it cost?

Franchise owners can make the decision to either purchase the land and build a facility or buildout a leased property.

Franchise Fee

$35,000 The franchise fee will be made in two installments. Payment one at the time of signing the agreement. Payment two at the signing of the lease or purchase of a property.

Lease Hold Option

$438,514 LOW

$751,149 HIGH

Vacant Land Construction Option

$912,155 LOW

$1,796,750 HIGH

How much can I make?

According to Item 19 of The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel's FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document), the four reporting Ark locations have an average EBIDTA of 28% - $224,294. The Ark franchise team will provide you with the complete FDD upon completion of our first conversation and your completion of the initial franchise owner application. 

Gross Revenues

  • Ark 1 (Open 2006): $1,158,163
  • Ark 2 (Open 2011): $862,626
  • Ark 3 (Open 2015): $353,208
  • Ark 4 (Open July 2017): $245,223

How long does it take to open?

The typical length of time between signing the Agreement and the opening of your Pet Spa is estimated to be nine to twelve months. Factors that will affect the length of time it takes you to open your Pet Spa include your ability to obtain a lease, financing, permits, compliance with local ordinances, and restrictions, availability of signs and equipment, construction or leasehold improvements, and completion of required training. You must open your Pet Spa within 16 months after signing the Agreement.

Why should I buy a franchise instead of starting my own business?

There are many benefits to opening a franchise vs. starting your own business. 

  • You are buying a fully developed and credible operations system
  • You are buying a support team that will assist any way possible to make you successful
  • You are buying over 50 years of combined pet industry experience 
  • You are buying in depth training programs for your crew
  • You are buying a business with built in support

Where can I build an Ark?

In order to achieve our goals, The Ark Franchising, LLC will concentrate on measured growth to allow us to support our Franchise Owners to the best of our abilities. We further intend to provide superior service through a network of Franchise Owners who are as committed to excellence as the Franchisor. We are committed to taking all appropriate steps to ensure success for all Franchise Owners. We would rather have fewer highly successful locations than many marginal operations. 

We plan to target markets within a 150 mile radius of our corporate headquarters in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The main intent of our franchise program is to teach others how to become successful in this business. The Ark Franchising, LLC is seeking business owners who will work together for our mutual success. We would like to build brand awareness one region at a time before expanding, we believe this is the smartest method to build a strong brand.