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About Ark Pet Spa & Hotel

Our Story

Pet parents know the feeling. That awful guilt and anxiety that creeps up whenever you have to leave a pet. We've got a solution for that!

Our founder Jay Floyd was feeling pet stressed when he and his family began researching boarding options for their beloved Rottweiler, Sophie. They were leaving town on a short vacation, but everywhere they looked, they got the sneaking suspicion that Sophie wouldn't be having as much fun as them during their time off.

To fill this gap, Jay set out to create a safe harbor for pets — a fun place where their parents wouldn't feel an ounce of guilt leaving them for the day or entire week. The Ark would be an all-inclusive pet hotel, spa, and daycare where all creatures great and small could feel safe and loved, from dogs

and cats to hamsters and lizards. A place where dogs could socialize and play; where pets and parents alike looked forward to a visit; and where each animal’s unique needs would be considered and met.

In 2006, Jay built The Ark, and the animals arrived.

Today, you can find The Ark across the Southeast, with more locations opening soon across the US, including our newest in Salt Lake City set to open in early 2022. Wherever you find us, we are always guided by a strong crew that’s as dedicated to our community’s pets as our own. We pride ourselves on a crew of animal lovers who know how to properly care for pets and create fun for them, guided by experts that are trained thoroughly and thoughtfully. Since day one, our crew has made The Ark what it is.

Our Mission & Values

Since 2006, The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel has offered premium pet care and provided peace of mind to thousands of pets and pet owners across the Chattanooga area. Guests could tell something was different about The Ark, it may have been the great facilities or convenient locations, but The Ark believes what brought guests and their pets back over and over were the awesome crews. The Ark has always sought out pet lovers, first and foremost, to man its crews.

 You can't teach someone to loves pets, but you can teach them how to monitor behaviors, clean properly, and work well in a team environment. 

"The Ark was created to provide a safe, fun, and loving environment for guests and their pets, by ensuring the highest trained crew members, the best facilities, and the latest in pet care techniques and products."

Integrity. Compassion. Ownership. Dependability. Play.

Our Services


Pet Boarding

Whether you’re traveling for long periods of time or just for the night, send your little (or BIG) buddy on a vacation to The Ark! Your pet will receive excellent, full service accommodations while staying with us! Your pets will be out of their kennels and romping around all day long with our daycare dogs, until the assigned feeding and sleeping times in their individual kennels. You can even watch your pets being spoiled and having a great time on our LIVE pet cams, at all three of our locations!


Dog Daycare

Working all day or just simply don’t want to leave your pet at home? We also provide day long recreation playing in our daycare! Daycare and boarding dogs play together, in their assigned play groups. Your pet will quickly make best friends with other frequent daycare dogs, and look forward to coming to play!


Pet Grooming

The Ark’s full service spa is sure to leave your pet happy and refreshed. When it comes to grooming we want your dog to feel and walk like a champion. Our groomers offer many different types of spa packages to choose from! Whether your lovely companion needs an all over “hair do” or just a bath and brush, or maybe just even a PAWdicure.


Bakery & Market

Slobberbones Bakery & Market was created to provide customers and their pets with the best all natural pet food, treats, and supplements as well as unique pet toys and merchandise. Slobberbones carries several lines of premium all natural pet foods. Some of the brands include Zignature, Pro-Pac, Merrick, and Fromm. Slobberbones Bakery & Market also sells dog birthday cakes and cookies, as well as seasonal cookies, and homemade goodies!