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How The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel Adjusted During Covid - Part 1

September 18th, 2020

Increased communication with guests

We increased the usage of our operating software’s text and email features. During this time, there were many questions in the minds of our guests and we utilized all communication channels to answer those questions as quickly and clearly as possible. We pulled back on traditional advertising and increased our organic advertising to our existing guests. This was a cost savings tactic that evolved into a very effective means of marketing to our existing guests. Of course numbers dwindled, but we were able to provide our services to our existing guest who needed us at the time.

Examined and revised cleaning procedures

The Ark’s cleaning procedures are always at or above industry standards. We utilize the best cleaning and disinfectant products on the market for kennels and developed ways to better utilize those products in high “human guest” traffic areas. Our crews have a solid understanding of how these infectious viruses spread via contact or airborne. We have had practice with infectious viruses as we fend off pet care facilities worst enemy, "Kennel Cough". This is why we felt confident in mitigating as much risk as possible from Covid-19 in our facilities. 

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