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8 Exciting Facts About The Pet Industry

August 28th, 2018

We have thought the pet industry has been exciting for years, but the rest of the world is now taking notice of the industries growth! The pet industry is comprised of several categories including: food, boarding/daycare, grooming, veterinarian, and training. The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel focuses efforts on several of the categories so that we can cater to a larger portion of the market. Check out these eight facts about the growing pet industry!

  1. 75% of pet-owning home buyers who closed on a home this year would pass on their dream house if it weren’t right for their animals.
  2. 87% said they took their pets’ needs into account when buying a home.
  3. Of the home buyers surveyed by, 80% owned pets. A majority 64% owned dogs, 41% owned cats, 12% owned birds, and 11% owned fish.
  4. 68% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 84.6 million homes
  5. 60 Million US households own a dog
  6. 47 Million US households own a cat
  7. Millennial pet ownership has officially surpassed baby boomer ownership by three percentage points to now account for 35% of all pet owners.
  8. Total US Pet Industry Expenditures totaled $70 billion in 2017 and is estimated to be $73 billion in 2018
The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel’s franchise crew hopes to help as many pet loving entrepreneurs as possible capitalize on the amazing growth within the pet industry! 

If you are interested in taking your bite out of the $70 billion pet industry please visit and fill out the “Join The Crew” form and one of The Ark’s representatives will reach out to begin the conversation about our franchise opportunity.

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