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A Couple Takeaways From Attending The IBPSA Conference In St. Louis!

October 8th, 2018

The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel’s franchise crew just returned from the IBPSA (International Pet Boarding & Services Association) conference and trade show in St. Louis, Missouri. The Ark is a leader in the pet care industry, but we always strive to do better and educate ourselves so that we can pass that value onto our guests! We do this by learning from experts and attending the best educational conferences we can. Here are a few takeaways from attending the IBPSA Conference.

Using technology effectively will separate the pups from the alpha dogs. 

Like in most industries, technology is changing the game. Tech is changing the way we interact with everything and everyone. Those who can effectively utilize new technology in pet care will be the the leaders of tomorrow. Tech cannot and should not replace human to human or human to pet interactions, but should be used to make those interactions even more personalized.

The Ark is using technology to better serve our customers by providing online booking, payments, and webcams. Behind the scenes The Ark is using technology to leverage our marketing efforts. The Ark’s software systems allow us to effectively market to our existing guests with email, online retargeting, social media, and text campaigns. This gives our front desk crew more free time to be able to create more personal one on one relationships with our guests and their fur babies. Again, we want to use technology as a tool and not as a replacement to real life interactions.

The general public still needs to be educated about the pet care industry.

During our time in St. Louis we had the chance to speak with many pet care facility owners and there was a common issue; there is a general lack of education in our national and local governments about our industry. For instance, a state government recently attempted to pass a bill limiting pet care providers with a crew to dog ratio of 1 crew member per every 2 dogs if the dogs weighed over 75 lbs. On a daily basis that would mean The Ark would need nearly 38 crew members at a time to care for our daycare dogs alone! Luckily, the IBPSA monitors such legislation and quickly educated the government officials and the bill was shelved.

The Ark has now taken on a new initiative to help in this education process with additional blogging, press releases, and face to face interactions with state and local officials as well as the general public. We believe education is power. Stay tuned to our blogs and social media content for more about the pet care industry!

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